How to wear your Cryptovoxels mask

This is what your full mask looks like:

You will need both halves of the mask in order to apply it to your avatar.

One is the top half like this:

and the other is the bottom half like this:

Go to the "Costumes" section. Attach both the bottom and top half to the head bone. In this example I have hidden the head and neck bodyparts but you can leave them as visible if you prefer.

Chances are your mask pieces will not fit as neatly as the example above. You will need to use the rotate/translate/scale tools to transform them.

Suitable values for the bottom half are:

Suitable values for the top half are:


When you first log into Cryptovoxels with your new mask the transformation properties might not be loaded and it might end up looking like this:

Refreshing the browser should fix it.


If you are experiencing any problems with your mask please send an e-mail to